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Pile de dossiers

Maître Colleville assists her clients facing
with the following issues :

Stalled succession settlement and estate litigation

  • Settlement procedure and judicial partition

  • Disputes between heirs

  • Sale of joint assets by auction

  • Appointment of a succession administrator in presence of a silent heir

  • Taking of a cautionary mortgage to protect one’s debt obligation

  • Surviving spouse’s rights

  • Actions against fraudulent concealment and real estate fraud

  • Representation before Courts and Notaries

Settlement and parititon of joint estate

  • Managing and exiting joint ownership

  • Renunciation or acceptance of an inheritance

  • Liquidating and dividing matrimonial property regimes and
    post-community joint ownership

  • Sale of joint property

and wills

  • Reduction actions

  • Action in retrenchment of a matrimonial advantage

  • Violation of the hereditary reserve

  • Report of donations

  • Contesting a will or a donation

  • Interpreting and executing a will

  • Contesting a designation as beneficiary of life insurance

  • Universal or particular legacies

  • Succession and estate planning


  • Dealing with the Services of the Estate

  • Purchasing of an ownerless property

Succession professionals

  • Amicable settlement or litigation

  • Debt collection

  • Legal consultation on technical issues

  • Legal monitoring

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