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Valedictorian of the Masters II Applied Comparative Law and with a Masters I in Private Law and Criminal Sciences from the Institute of Business Law of
Aix-en-Provence, Mélanie Colleville was sworn in in January 2018.



After completing a year of her university course at the University of Adelaide, South Australia, Maître Colleville completed her international training within Anglo-Saxon business law firms, in Geneva and then Brisbane.


Maître Colleville then joined the legal department of the football club Olympique Lyonnais, where she received specialized training in contract law.


After having practiced as an associate lawyer for 4 years within the Aixoise business law firm Bruzzo Dubucq, she focuses her practice towards inheritance law, a technical and complex area, at the confluence of family law and property law.


In 2022, she decided to devote herself fully to this field by creating her own firm, Colleville Avocat, in Aix-en-Provence, dedicated exclusively to inheritance law and family law.


Perfectly fluent in English, Maître Colleville is able to assist a foreign clientele, whether living overseas or residing in France as foreign nationals, and to intervene in the context of international dimension disputes.


Maître Colleville assists her clients at each stage of the succession, from its opening and until its final settlement, at the amicable stage as well as in litigation, always favouring the amicable settlement of disputes, when possible, in her clients’ best interests.


She also assists in family law, more particularly with liquidating and settling post-community joint ownerships, after a divorce.


Maître Colleville also advises professionals such as Notaries and genealogists in the context of high-stake successions and technical legal issues they may need to address.


Active listening, proactiveness and efficiency are the commitments that Maître Colleville strives to respect, always integrating the human issues inherent to each case.

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