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Lawyer fees are set freely between the Client and the Attorney.


In order to establish a relationship of trust, Maître Colleville addresses the fee issue in complete transparency from the start of the professional relationship with her clients.


The first meeting is never billed.


After a preliminary study of the case, Maître Colleville will send an Attorney-Client Fee Agreement to the Client depending on the nature of the service, the complexity of the case and the stakes of the dispute.


Thus, depending on the type of dispute and by mutual agreement between Maître COLLEVILLE and her Client, it may be agreed:

Au travail

Hourly rates

Fees are invoiced based on an hourly rate applied to the time spent on the case, after having established a capped number of provisional hours in agreement with the Client. This cap may be revised if the case requires so, after validation by the Client.

Flat rate fee

A global and fixed fee is fixed between the Lawyer and the Client, for a specific service. This method of invoicing is favoured by Maître Colleville as far as possible in order to guarantee maximum visibility to the Client regarding the total cost of the service.

Success fee

Depending on the case, the Lawyer and her Client may apply an additional fee to the billing method. This additional fee will be paid at the end of the procedure and will correspond to a variable proportion of the obtained result (either a gain or a saving made). In accordance with our ethical rules, this success fee cannot be the only method of remuneration for the Lawyer.

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